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I take your fitness goals seriously. I understand that losing weight can be challenging and getting stronger can be intimidating, but my aim is to help change your perspective on what fitness can look like. Your journey is exactly that.. What you envision as being best for you, I tailor what works to meet that vision.

knowledgeable training expertise

With over 18 years of success and experience, I am capable of creating a fitness and/or nutrition approach that will meet you where you're at. Whether you're looking to train in person or require remote help, I will work with you to keep you disciplined and on track to reach your goals.

your success is my priority

I understand that adapting new fitness and/or nutrition habits can be difficult and often times unsuccessful. My approach is to lay a strong foundation of what to do, how to do it, and why. I strongly believe that as long as you practice consistency, you will be able to obtain all your fitness goals.



Everything from onsite personal training, coaching you through a nutrition journey, or just providing tailored workout programs for you to complete on your own, I have you covered. Click on the button below to find out more about all of the services I offer.

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If you would like to talk in person about your particular training goals, an upcoming event you'd like to be in the best shape for, or are in pain and looking for solutions, click the button below, today!


Lauren Creath
I’ve been working with Ricky for a little over 2 months. I was in the market for strength training to complement my running preparation for an upcoming marathon. In deciding to invest in personal training for myself, I did have some initial reservations...


Personal Training

If you live in Durango, Colorado and are in the market for one-on-one personal training, I am capable of assessing your movement needs and personal goals and tailoring a plan specific to your desired outcomes. My approach encompasses alleviating pain points and any movement dysfunction along with strengthening the body as a whole with time-tested, functional routines that are designed specifically with you in mind. Sessions are offered in full or half hour increments.

Nutrition Coaching

Providing education, regularly checking-in, being empathic, and requiring only small areas of focus at a time, then building from there are what I have experienced to garner the most success for my clients.Nutrition coaching is most associated with just weight loss but it's also about improving your relationship with food, teaching you how food affects activity and vice versa, the importance of lifestyle habits and consistency, how critical it is to taking it just one day at a time, and so much more.

Personalized Fitness Programming

If you own a home gym or are a member of a CrossFit affiliate, functional fitness facility, and/or commercial gym, and fully capable of putting in the work on your own but only need guidance, I am able to fully meet that need using the TrueCoach platform.Giving you app access, I am able to provide you daily workouts along with demo videos, a place to track progress, and messaging capabilities for video submission, feedback requests, or even just to clarify that what you're doing is correct.

Remote Personal Training

With technology these days, one-on-one personal training no longer requires a central brick and mortar for sessions to take place. With the use of platforms like Zoom, I am able to successfully guide a client through training sessions from anywhere. If you have equipment at home, it makes sense and is convenient for you to train there, and are open to the idea of being coached online, we can carry over almost every aspect of onsite personal training. It's more economical too.

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Lauren Creath

I’ve been working with Ricky for a little over 2 months. I was in the market for strength training to complement my running preparation for an upcoming marathon. In deciding to invest in personal training for myself, I did have some initial reservations of getting injured, gaining weight, and even potentially being too sore to keep my marathon training on track but ultimately, I had some goals I wanted to achieve so I committed.In prior running training, small injuries were inevitable and I always struggled with stiffness/pain in my right knee from a past ACL surgery. I wanted to see if working with someone could help minimize these issues if not eliminate them all together. In addition, I just wanted to feel stronger and more powerful running and maybe see some of that carryover to ski season.I have to report that I am glad that I invested in myself. I like everything we’ve been doing. I like that each session is full body. It’s all new to me but I’ve trusted Ricky and the process. The progression has been challenging but manageable and my form is always a priority. As well, Ricky has structured our training days to be in line with my running schedule so that we maximize both endeavors and minimize potential soreness.I feel we have already accomplished the goals I set out for myself. There is little to no pain or stiffness in my right knee. Before, I would have to stretch out my knee every time I stood up from sitting. Now, I no longer have to do that. That alone has been a game changer. Some days I am a little sore from our training but it has not affected my running and gaining weight has not been an issue.Whether new to strength training like I am or if you’re in need of free weight training to complement what you’re already doing, I completely endorse Ricky and feel he can certainly help you reach your goals.

Geoffrey Aldridge-Duncan

I reached out to CrossFit Durango via their website prompt for personal training and was put in touch with Ricky. We talked a bit goals and needs and set a date to meet for our first session. This session consisted of a full body assessment to identify any areas of concern as it relates to mobility and strength.Once we started training, some great things I noticed were that Ricky was very encouraging and consistent. He’s very good at planning out our entire session and walking me through it in it’s entirety. I can be skeptical of personal trainers because I want to work with someone who understands me throughout the process; after all I’m paying a pretty penny. Within a few weeks of working with Ricky, I knew his ability to create a program and structure it specifically for me, was what I needed.It’s just great to have the journey explained to me and my goals and needs targeted. Laying a foundation was a priority. In the time I have been working with Ricky, my lower body is so much stronger. I notice these changes in my everyday life. For example, walking up stairs, running/walking on my own, and daily energy have all improved.It’s been an investment in myself well worth the price.

  • B.S. - Exercise Science

  • CrossFit Level 4 Certified

Hi, my name is Ricky Jr Frausto and I am a CrossFit Level 4 coach who resides in Durango, Colorado with my family of 4. Well, three at the moment as my son, Damian, is attending college at the University of Pittsburgh on a track & cross country scholarship so it's just my wife Crystal and my daughter Teagan. Crystal and I have been married just over 20 years and my daughter is currently attending Miller Middle School but soon to be at Durango High School.I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas but moved to Omaha, Nebraska to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha for the sport of wrestling. I met Crystal in Omaha and it is where we started our family. We're still relatively new to Durango as we've only lived here since December of 2019.While living in Omaha, I've had many experiences in the fitness industry. Upon graduating from UNO with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and while completing graduate coursework in Physical Education with an emphasis in Coaching, I held the role of Head Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for my alma mater and worked with many different team sports including wrestling, women's swimming & diving, football, women's golf, women's tennis, and men's hockey. It was unbelievable experience and one I truly enjoyed.While a strength coach at UNO, I was introduced to CrossFit and soon thereafter, with a very good friend of mine, we opened a CrossFit affiliate. I would go on to co-own two more affiliates. CrossFit has been a huge part of my life as I even had the opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games a few times in its infancy.Now living in Durango, I coach at CrossFit Durango, both classes and personal training. There is nothing more I love than working with people one on one. Classes are a great joy because of the community and encouraging and teaching but to work with an individual, specifically tailoring a program just for them, the impact is second to none. I am forever an educator at heart and while my clients are getting stronger, healthier, and more fit, they are also learning about why they are doing what they are doing.